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Fernando grew to love cooking while working at his father’s Italian restaurants. Since the age of 12, Fernando became enthralled with the art of the kitchen and learning old world recipes. He went on to attend The Culinary Institute of America, and worked at Marea on Central Park South. After which he journeyed to Italy to continue his studies at the first Napoleon Michelin starred restaurant Pallazzo Petrucci. He then went on to Lazio, Italy’s A Casa di Assunta, which has received the Slow Food Award from Alice Waters for her outstanding sourcing of ingredients, and ended his tour studying pastry at Mondragone, Campania’s Pasticceria Lisita. He then returned to work alongside his father and sister. Fernando has cooked for Martha Stewart, Michael Bolton, Frank Gifford at their latest restaurant. In his first New York City restaurant, Fernando’s goal is to continue offering his guests authentic Italian cuisine at Ferdi Restaurant.